Ultra-high energy cosmic neutrinos from gamma-ray burstsBased on recent
proposal to associate IceCube TeV and PeV neutrino events with gamma-ray
bursts~(GRBs) by considering the Lorentz violation of neutrinos, we provide a
new estimate on the GRB neutrino flux and such result is much bigger than
previous results by the IceCube Collaboration. Among these 24 neutrino
“shower” events above 60~TeV, 12 events are associated with GRBs. Such result
is comparable with the prediction from GRB fireball models. Analysis of track
events provide consistent result with the shower events to associate high
energy cosmic neutrinos with GRBs under the same Lorentz violation features of
neutrinos. We also make a background estimation and reveal GRBs as a
significant source for the ultra-high energy IceCube neutrino events. Our work
supports the Lorentz violation and $CPT$-violation of neutrinos, indicating new
physics beyond relativity.

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