Two-dimensional ($2D$) Lifshitz-like black holes in special $F(R)$ gravity
cases are extracted. We indicate an essential singularity at $r=0$, covered
with an event horizon. Then conserved and thermodynamic quantities such as
temperature, mass, entropy, and the heat capacity of $2D$ Lifshitz-like black
holes in $F(R)$ gravity are evaluated. Our analysis shows that $2D$
Lifshitz-like black hole solutions can be physical solutions, provided that the
cosmological constant is negative ($\Lambda<0$). Indeed, there is a phase
transition between stable and unstable cases by increasing the radius of AdS
black holes. In other words, the $2D$ Lifshitz-like AdS black holes with large
radii are physical and enjoy thermal stability. The obtained $2D$ Lifshitz-like
AdS-black holes in $F(R)$ gravity turn to the well-known $2D$ Schwarzschild
AdS-black holes when the Lifshitz-like parameter is zero ($s=0$). Also,
correspondence between these black hole solutions and the $2D$ rotating black
hole solutions is found by adjusting the Lifshitz-like parameter.

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