This chapter introduces the foundational elements of scattering amplitudes.
    It is meant to be accessible to readers with only a basic understanding of
    quantum field theory. Topics covered include: the four-dimensional
    spinor-helicity formalism and the colour decomposition of Yang-Mills scattering
    amplitudes; the study of soft and collinear limits of Yang-Mills and gravity
    amplitudes; the BCFW recursion relation and generalised unitarity, also in the
    superamplitudes formalism of $\mathcal{N}{=}4$ supersymmetric Yang-Mills; an
    overview of standard and hidden symmetries of the $S$-matrix of
    $\mathcal{N}{=}4$ supersymmetric Yang-Mills, such as the conformal, dual
    conformal and Yangian symmetries; and a brief excursus on form factors of
    protected and non-protected operators in Yang-Mills theory. Several examples
    and explicit calculations are also provided.

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