In this work, we give two proposals regarding the status of connectivity of
    entanglement wedges and the associated saturation of mutual information. The
    first proposal has been given for the scenario before the Page time depicting
    the fact that at a particular value of the observer’s time $t_b=t_R$ (where
    $t_R\ll\beta$), the mutual information $I(R_+:R_-)$ vanishes representing the
    disconnected phase of the radiation entanglement wedge. We argue that this time
    is the Hartman-Maldacena time at which the fine-grained entropy of radiation
    goes as $S(R)\sim \log(\beta)$, where $\beta$ is the inverse of Hawking
    temperature of the black hole. On the other hand, the second proposal probes
    the crucial role played by the mutual information of black hole subsystems in
    obtaining the correct Page curve of radiation.

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