The fundamental laws of physics are time-symmetric, but our macroscopic
    experience contradicts this. The time reversibility paradox is partly a
    consequence of the unpredictability of Newton’s equations of motion. We measure
    the dependence of the fraction of irreversible, gravitational N-body systems on
    numerical precision and find that it scales as a power law. The stochastic wave
    packet reduction postulate then introduces fundamental uncertainties in the
    Cartesian phase space coordinates that propagate through classical three-body
    dynamics to macroscopic scales within the triple’s lifetime. The spontaneous
    collapse of the wave function then drives the global chaotic behavior of the
    Universe through the superposition of triple systems (and probably multi-body
    systems). The paradox of infinitesimal granularity then arises from the
    superposition principle, which states that any multi-body system is composed of
    an ensemble of three-body problems.

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