This article investigates the asymptotics of $\rm{G}_2$-monopoles. First, we
    prove that when the underlying $\rm{G}_2$-manifold is nonparabolic (i.e. admits
    a positive Green’s function), finite intermediate energy monopoles with bounded
    curvature have finite mass. The second main result restricts to the case when
    the underlying $\rm{G}_2$-manifold is asymptotically conical. In this
    situation, we deduce sharp decay estimates and that the connection converges,
    along the end, to a pseudo-Hermitian–Yang–Mills connection over the
    asymptotic cone. Finally, our last result exhibits a Fredholm setup describing
    the moduli space of finite intermediate energy monopoles on an asymptotically
    conical $\rm{G}_2$-manifold.

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