The existence of de-Sitter solutions and their stability within string theory
    became, in recent years, one of the central research questions within the
    string theory community. The so-called de-Sitter conjecture states that the
    de-Sitter vacua are unstable within string theory. Here, we study the de-Sitter
    solutions in string theory and their stability in the time direction using the
    $O(d,d)$ symmetry approach allowing for the calculation of the generic form of
    the string theory effective action. We study the undiscussed case of the
    constant generalized dilaton as well as the general form of dilaton couplings.
    Our findings suggest that de-Sitter solutions are unstable for the constant
    generalized dilaton both with and without matter. Furthermore, we found that in
    order for the theory to be weakly coupled the general form of dilaton coupling
    is in the form of a cosmological constant.

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