We estimate the changes in solar system tests of general relativity when
“dark energy” arises from a Weyl scaling invariant action, using the modified
Schwarzschild-like spherically symmetric solution obtained in this case by
Adler and Ramazano\vglu. We show that the standard results of general
relativity are modified by amounts that are far below current experimental
errors. However, because the metric is not conformally flat when the central
mass $M$ vanishes, there is a contribution to light deflection proportional to
the cosmological constant $\Lambda$, with opposite sign to the one proportional
to $M$. This could have implications for gravitational lensing in cosmological
contexts, so we have calculated the corresponding correction to the “lens
equation” for gravitational lensing. We also give formulas for the light
deflection angle through order $\Lambda M$, assuming a parameterized
spherically symmetric metric for the external region of the central mass.

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