We describe a shielding mechanism for a charged black hole immersed in a
background involving charged matter fields, solely arising from the
Einstein-Maxwell field equations. In particular, we consider a charged
generalization of the Einstein cluster, that is a charged black hole surrounded
by an effective fluid model for a partially charged dust cloud. We show that
the shielding mechanism, arising thereof, is generic and appears in a different
parametrization of the problem as well. In this process, we provide the most
general electrovacuum solution in a spacetime region devoid of charges, but in
the presence of a static and spherically symmetric charge distribution
elsewhere. Side by side, we also introduce a convenient parametrization,
providing the global solution of the Einstein-Maxwell’s field equations in the
presence of a charged black hole within the environment of charged fluid. We
also comment on the nature of the photon sphere, shadow radius and the eikonal
quasi-normal modes in the Einstein-Maxwell cluster.

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