We envisage a black hole perturbed by a force-free magnetic field (FFMF)
    outside and attempt to determine its structure. We suppose the metric that
    describes this black hole is of the static spherical type, that is
    Schwarzschild, and the energy-momentum tensor emanating from an FFMF source
    perturbs this background metric, in this regard one can imagine a magnetic
    accretion disk around the black hole. By solving the equations for such a
    configuration, we will show that in addition to modifying the diagonal elements
    of the background metric, we will also see the non-zeroing of the off-diagonal
    elements of the general metric, one of the immediate consequences of which will
    be a static to stationary transition.

    “Space-time tells matter how to move; matter tells space-time how to curve”
    — John Archibald Wheeler

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