The Planck scale has been believed to be an unpassable wall. Putting a cutoff
there and thinking of it as a quantized spacetime entity shows that. However,
this is exactly the cause of many problems in quantum gravity. The cosmological
constant problem also comes down to the problem of how to describe a
trans-Planckian world by a continuum theory, which shall be renormalizable and
background free. Here, we show that quantizing gravity in a diffeomorphism
invariant method in which background freedom arises asymptotically as an exact
conformal symmetry, the zero-point energy vanishes identically. Thus, there is
no problem with the cosmological constant, which is a physical constant, namely
a renormalization group invariant. We also argue that new quanta based on the
background freedom emerge and spacetime is discretized dynamically. Primordial
fluctuations will be originated from such quanta.

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