We study the chaotic signatures of the geodesic dynamics of a non-spinning
    test particle in the effective-one-body (EOB) formalism for the inspiral
    process of spinning binary black holes. We first show that the second order
    post-Newtonian (2PN) EOB dynamics is non-integrable by demonstrating that the
    EOB metric does not satisfy the criterion for the existence of Carter constant.
    We then employ the numerical study to find the plateaus of the rotation curve,
    which are associated with the existence of Birkhoff islands in the Poincar\’e
    surface of section, signifying the chaotic dynamics in the system. Our results
    show the signatures of chaos for the EOB dynamics, especially in the regime of
    interest for which the Kerr bounds of the component black holes hold. We also
    find that chaotic behavior is more obvious as the spin parameter $a$ of the
    deformed EOB background metric increases. Our results can help to uncover the
    implications of dynamical chaos in gravitational wave astronomy. Finally, we
    also present some preliminary results due to corrections at 3PN order.

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