We revisit the box Minkowski model [Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 221101 (2012)] and
    provide a strong argument that, subject to the Dirichlet boundary condition, it
    is unstable toward black hole formation for arbitrarily small generic
    perturbations. Using weakly nonlinear perturbation theory, we derive the
    resonant system, which compared to systems with the anti-de Sitter asymptotics,
    has extra resonant terms, and study its properties, including conserved
    quantities. We find that the generic solution of the resonant system becomes
    singular in finite time. Surprisingly, the additional resonant interactions do
    not significantly affect the singular evolution. Furthermore, we find that the
    interaction coefficients take a relatively simple form, making this a
    particularly attractive toy model of turbulent gravitational instability.

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