We summarize our work on spherically symmetric midi-superspaces in loop
quantum gravity. Our approach is based on using inhomogeneous slicings that may
penetrate the horizon in case there is one and on a redefinition of the
constraints so the Hamiltonian has an Abelian algebra with itself. We discuss
basic and improved quantizations as is done in loop quantum cosmology. We
discuss the use of parameterized Dirac observables to define operators
associated with kinematical variables in the physical space of states, as a
first step to introduce an operator associated with the space-time metric. We
analyze the elimination of singularities and how they are replaced by
extensions of the space-times. We discuss the charged case and potential
observational consequences in quasinormal modes. We also analyze the covariance
of the approach. Finally, we comment on other recent approaches of quantum
black holes, including mini-superspaces motivated by loop quantum gravity.

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