We study post-inflationary evolution in $\alpha$-attractor T-models of
    inflation. We consider the dynamics of both scalar fields present in these
    models: the inflaton and the spectator, as a negative field-space curvature may
    lead to geometrical destabilization of the spectator. We perform
    state-of-the-art lattice simulations with a dedicated numerical code optimized
    for those models. We corroborate earlier findings that the perturbations of the
    spectator field are much more unstable than the perturbations of the inflaton
    field, so the dynamics of early stages of preheating is dominated by the
    evolution of spectator perturbations. We also calculate the spectrum of
    gravitational waves originating from scalar fluctuations in order to determine
    if the $\alpha$-attractor T-models can be constrained or even ruled out by
    present cosmological observations, but not by direct searches of gravitational

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