Impurities coupled with collective excitations in Bose-Einstein condensates lead to the emergence of Bose polarons. In this paper, we investigate the properties of a single impurity immersed in a binary Bose-Einstein condensate in the framework of the Lee-Low-Pines variational approach. We derive an effective Fr\”{o}hlich Hamiltonian with two types of effective impurity-phonon interactions: impurity-density bifurcation and impurity-spin bifurcation. The behavior of the impurity-spin bifurcation is We show that small-momentum Bose polarons have distinct analytical results in single and interacting binary baths with identical masses. The scattering length between boson species is included in the dimensionless factor.In the case of unequal-mass bosons, we have shown that the density and spin branches can be transformed into each other through the permutation of the masses of the two kinds of bosons. provides a basic understanding of polaron behavior in Bose baths containing multiple components.

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