Understanding strongly correlated quantum matter such as high $T_\textrm{c}$ superconductors, iron-based superconductors, and twisted bilayer graphene systems is one of the unsolved challenges in condensed matter physics. Quantum simulations using ultracold atoms in specific optical lattices that offer orbital degrees of freedom are powerful tools that provide new insights into this effort. Here we report an experimental realization of an unconventional Bose-Einstein condensation of $^{87}$Rb atoms occupying degenerate $p$ orbitals in a triangular optical lattice, exhibiting very long coherence times. Using time-of-flight spectroscopy, we observe a novel nematic superfluid phase associated with spontaneous rotational symmetry breaking. Its momentum spectrum is consistent with the theoretically predicted coexistence of exotic stripe and loop current orders. Despite markedly different energy scales and Boson quantum statistics, the realized new quantum states are the high T_\textrm{c}$ cuprate superconductors, twisted bilayer graphene, and the recently discovered chiral density shows the intertwined order and similarity of -Kagome superconductor wave state $\textrm{AV}_3 \textrm{Sb}_5$ (A=K, Rb, Cs). may be useful for

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