Localization in one-dimensional interacting systems can be caused by possible disorder or non-concealment. The former is multibody localization (MBL) and the latter is multibody non-Hermitian skin effect (NHSE). In this work, we numerically investigate the interplay between these two types of localization. Here the energy-resolved MBL arises from the deterministic quasi-periodic potential of the fermionic chain. We propose a set of eigenstate properties and long-term dynamics that can collectively distinguish the two localization mechanisms in the presence of non-hermiticity. By computing the proposed diagnostics, we show that the thermal state is vulnerable to many-body NHSE and the MBL state is resilient to strong non-hermiticity. Finally, we describe experimental observables that allow us to probe the difference between the two localizations in the non-Hermitian quasiperiodic fermionic chain. Our results pave the way for experimental observations on interactions, quasi-periodic potentials and non-hermiticity interactions.

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