Traversable wormholes in General Relativity (GR) require exotic matter
    sources that violate the null energy condition (NEC), and such behavior may be
    avoided in modified gravity. Moreover, the concept of non-commutative geometry
    as a gravitational source can be leveraged both in GR and modified gravity to
    realize non-trivial space-time configurations. In this study, we use $f(R)$
    gravity in conjunction with non-commutative geometry to analyze spherically
    symmetric traversable Morris-Thorne wormhole solutions from the aspect of
    energy condition violation, considering both constant and variable red-shift
    functions. First, we use well constrained metric and model parameters in a
    viable $f(R)$ gravity model to demonstrate that wormholes respecting the NEC
    can be obtained with suitable choices of parameters. Additionally, we check the
    strong and dominant energy conditions to further validate our results. We then
    leverage non-commutative geometry in the framework of $f(R)$ gravity to show
    that wormholes respecting the different energy conditions with a phantom-like
    source can be realized with suitable choices of model parameters. Our
    comprehensive analyses using well-constrained model parameters show that
    wormholes satisfying the NEC can be realized in the framework of
    non-commutative geometry with modified gravity.

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