With a semiclassical polymerization in the loop quantum gravity (LQG), the
    interior of Schwarzschild black holes provides a captivating single-horizon
    regular black hole spacetime. The shortage of rotating black hole models in
    loop quantum gravity (LQG) substantially restrains the progress of testing LQG
    from observations. Motivated by this, starting with a spherical LQG black hole
    as a seed metric, we construct a rotating spacetime using the revised
    Newman-Janis algorithm, namely, the LQG-motivated rotating black holes (LMRBH),
    which encompasses Kerr ($l=0$) black holes as an exceptional case. We discover
    that for any random $l>0$, unlike Kerr black hole, an extremal LMRBH refers to
    a black hole with angular momentum $a>M$. The rotating metric, in parameter
    space, describes (1) black holes with an event and Cauchy horizons, (2) black
    holes with three horizons, (3) black holes with only one horizon or (4) no
    horizon spacetime. We also discuss the horizon and global structure of the
    LMRBH spacetimes and its dependence on $l/M$ that exhibits rich spacetime
    structures in the ($M,\;a,\;l$) parameter space.

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