Studying how quantum information propagates through space-time manifolds provides a means of identifying, distinguishing, and classifying novel phases of matter fertilized by many-body effects in strongly interacting systems in and out of equilibrium. Provided. Through a more complete characterization of key aspects of information dynamics, a quasi-random Rydberg confined spin-chain model using thermal power, constrained many-body localization (the newly proposed perform such an analysis for the fully localized state). Time series commutator (OTOC). The OTOC light cone predicts a previously unknown Lieb-Robinson boundary to a constrained many-body localization that is qualitatively different from the stabilized unconstrained many-body Anderson insulator in the weak interaction limit. increase. Our corroborating numerical and analytical studies show that the constrained many-body localization is a distinct dynamical eigenstate phase with non-ergodicity beyond the local motion-integral phenomenology suggesting. Together, these findings integrate an unconventional hierarchy of quantum dynamics, including constrained, unconstrained and oblique many-body localization regimes.

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