[Submitted on 14 Oct 2022]

    Authors:J. Wofford (1), A. Yelikar (1), H. Gallagher (1), E. Champion (1), D. Wysocki (1 and 2), V. Delfavero (1), J. Lange (3 and 1), C. Rose (2), V. Valsan (2), S. Morisaki (4and 2), J. Read (5), C. Henshaw (6), R. O’Shaughnessy (1) ( (1) Rochester Institute of Technology, (2) University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, (3) Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, The University of Tokyo, (4) California State University Fullerton, (5) Georgia Institute of Technology)

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    Abstract: The Rapid Iterative FiTting (RIFT) parameter inference algorithm provides a
    framework for efficient, highly-parallelized parameter inference for GW
    sources. In this paper, we summarize essential algorithm enhancements and
    operating point choices for the RIFT iterative algorithm, including choices
    used for analysis of LIGO/Virgo O3 observations. We also describe other
    extensions to the RIFT algorithm and software ecosystem. Some extensions
    increase RIFT’s flexibility to produce outputs pertinent to GW astrophysics.
    Other extensions increase its computational efficiency or stability. Using many
    randomly-selected sources, we assess code robustness with two distinct code
    configurations, one designed to mimic settings as of LIGO O3 and another
    employing several performance enhancements. We illustrate RIFT’s capabilities
    with analysis of selected events

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