Measurement of hyperfine splitting in the $7D_{5/2}$ state of $^{133}$Cs using high-resolution Doppler-free two-photon spectroscopy enabled by precise frequency scanning using an acousto-optic modulator. Use and report. All six hyperfine levels are resolved in the spectrum. Determine the hyperfine coupling constants A = -1.70867(62) MHz and B = 0.050(14) MHz. This represents a more than 20x improvement in accuracy for both A and B. The value of the magnetic octupole coupling constant C = 0.4(1.4) kHz for the $7D_{5/2}$ state. We additionally report the measurement results of the ac Stark shift. [-46 $\pm$ 4
Hz/(W/cm$^2$)]$6S_{1/2} \rightarrow 7D_{5/2}$ Collision shift and pressure broadening important for optical frequency standards based on two-photon transitions.

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