In recent years, it has been shown that strongly coupled systems become analytically tractable in the region of large quantum numbers, such as large spin and large charge. Effective theories that emerge at these two limits are Legge theory and superfluid theory, respectively. Here we propose a new phase, the ‘giant vortex’, which describes the intermediate region with large spin and charge. A new step connects superfluid theory with large spin expansions. The giant vortex has a peculiar chiral excitation (moving at the speed of light) that admits a semi-classical effective theory, and a Fock space of states reminiscent of the multi-twist operator of the Reggae theory (primary and daughter Reggae orbitals). A similar giant vortex facies appears in Bose-Einstein condensates in rotating traps, and our results should also be applicable in that context. We show that the transition involves a change in the scaling dimension from larger to smaller than the mean field theory, that is, gravity changes from the weakest force at small AdS distances to the strongest force at large AdS distances. switch to .

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