In today’s world of advanced technology across sectors, the possibilities to achieve the impossible has become higher. Likewise, the space sector has also come a long way by introducing new research and innovation.

    Exploring the cosmos with the proper technique and approach becomes fascinating for many. A country like India features millions of budding astronomers, and the early-age exposure to the same can put them ahead of others.

    To push the boundaries for young astronomers, Starscapes, an Astro tourism venture, has presented the ‘Cosmofluencer’ initiative through which young astronomy enthusiasts can explore the possibilities the cosmos has in store.

    While sharing the information with The Logical Indian, the company said that young individuals chosen for the three-month program would write, develop, curate, and share content related to astronomy. Furthermore, they can work directly with industry veterans from astronomy, astrophysics, and space exploration.

    Know About Starscapes

    Starscapes is a platform that offers a holistic astronomy experience to give voice to the curiosity about the vast skies beyond our stratosphere. Founded in 2017 by astronomy aficionado Ramashish Ray with Paul Savio joining him as Co-Founder and CEO in 2019, it’s India’s first and only chain of observatories that gives travel enthusiasts an integrated astronomy experience.

    With private observatories at Kausani and Bhimtal in Uttarakhand, Starscapes sports state-of-the-art equipment for observations, astrophotography and research projects. Now through its ‘Cosmofluencer,’ the Astro tourism venture aims to empower today’s youth in astronomy.

    The applicants selected for the program will create content that simplifies astronomy for the world. Their content will be research-based, fun, and packaged in an engaging way for the audience.

    They can interact with industry professionals and dive deep into the world of astrophysics and space exploration. Additionally, they can participate in workshops and work on projects related to deep space exploration with the help of experts.

    ‘Launchpad For Career In Astronomy’

    The CEO and co-founder of Starscapes, while commenting on the program, said, “We started Starscapes to make astronomy more accessible for everyone. We have been overwhelmed by the interest our customers have shown towards stargazing and Astro-tourism.”

    He added, “During our journey, we realised that young minds are inquisitive about space and everything it has in store. With this insight, we launched the Cosmofluencer program to give voice to young astronomers and give them a launchpad for a career in astronomy.”

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