We extend General Relativity by promoting Planck scale and the cosmological
    constant into integration constants, interpreted as fluxes of $4$-forms hiding
    in the theory. When we include the charges of the $4$-forms, these `constants’
    can vary discretely from region to region. We explain how the cosmological
    constant problem can be solved in this new framework. When the cosmological
    constant picks up contributions from two different $4$-forms, with an
    irrational ratio of charges, the spectrum of its values is a very fine
    discretuum. When the charges are mutually irrational, $\frac{2\kappa_{\tt
    eff}^2 \kappa^2 |{\cal Q}_i|}{3{\cal T}^2_i} < 1$, the discharge processes
    populating our discretuum will dynamically relax $\Lambda$, ceasing as
    $\Lambda$ approaches zero. Thus the theory exponentially favors a huge
    hierarchy $\Lambda/\mpl^4 \ll 1$ instead of $\Lambda/\mpl^4 \simeq 1$.

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