{\em Kneser graph} $K(2n+k,n)$ is a graph $G=(V,E) satisfying $V=\{S\ for positive integers $n$ and $k$ is $. subseteq\{1,\ldots,2n+k\} : |S|=n\}$ and E$ has a $uv\in edge whenever $u\cap v=\emptyset$. The Kneser graph has a good combinatorial structure and many parameters have been determined such as diameter, chromatic number, independent number and most recently Hull number (in the context of $P_3$-convexity). However, the determination of the geodesic convexity parameter of the Kneser graph still remained open. In this work, we explore both geodesic numbers and geodesic hull numbers in Kneser graphs. Giving upper bounds, he of diameter 2 determines the exact values ​​of these parameters for the Kneser graphs (which form a non-trivial subfamily). Prove that the geodesic hull number of the Knether graph of diameter 2 is 2, except for $K(5,2)$, $K(6,2)$, and $K(8,2)$. Hull number 3. We also extend our knowledge of Kneser graphs by presenting a characterization of the endpoints of the K(2n+k,n) diametrical path that is used as a tool to obtain some of the main results of this work. contribute.

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