Download the PDF of the paper by Barbara Baumeister and two other authors titled Extended Weyl Group, Hurwitz Transitivity and Weighted Projection I: Generality and the Tubular Case.

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overview: We begin a systematic study of extended Weyl groups and continue the combinatorial description of thick subcategories of genetic categories begun by Ingalls-Thomas, Igusa-Schiffler-Thomas, and Claus. For the weighted projection $\mathbb{X}$ , the thick subcategories of $\mathrm{coh}(\mathbb{X})$ generated by the exceptional sequence and the Hurwitz action generating the Weyl group $c The interval posset of the Coxeter transform $c$ in the Weyl group of a simple associative extended root system when transitive to the contractive reflex factorization of $. Using combinatorial and group theory tools, we show that this assumption about the transitivity of the Hurwitz action is satisfied for the weighted projection $\mathbb{X}$ of tubular form.

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