Recent atomic physics experimental and numerical studies report complementary features of the emergence of topological quantum spin liquids in models with blockade interactions. However, the specific mechanisms that stabilize such phases remain unclear. Here we present the exact relationship between his Ising-Higgs lattice gauge theory on the Kagome lattice and his Blockade model on the Ruby lattice. This relationship elucidates the previously observed origin of topological spin liquids by directly linking the latter to the restricted phase of solvable gauge theory. Exact diagonalization and unbiased quantum Monte Carlo simulations show that the bounded phase extends over a large region of the parameter space. These states are characterized by resonant valence bond wavefunctions and a large ground state overlap. These sequestered models include both creation/annihilation and hopping dynamics and are experimentally realizable in Rydberg-dressed atoms, providing a novel and controllable platform for the engineering and characterization of spin liquid states. provide.

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