There is currently much interest in the analysis of optical modes and matter-wave modes supported by fractional diffraction in nonlinear media. We predict new types of such states in the form of domain walls (DWs) in binary systems of immiscible fields. Numerical studies of the system underlying the fractional nonlinear Schrödinger equation show the presence and stability of the DW at all values ​​of the respective Levy exponents (a < 2) that determine fractional diffraction, and at all values ​​of the XPM/SPM ratio b. showing gender. Binary systems above the immiscibility threshold. The same conclusion can be drawn for the DW of systems containing linear combinations, along with XPM interactions between immiscible components. Provides analytical results for DW width scaling. The DW solution is inherently simplified for the special case of b = 3 and close to the immiscibility threshold. In addition to the symmetric DW, an asymmetric DW is also constructed. This is in systems where the diffraction coefficients are unequal and/or the Levy indices of the two components are different.

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