$ rank above $\boldsymbol{r}:=(r_1<\dots[n]$ is $r_i \times r_i$ minor in $A$ containing line $1,2,\dots,r_i$ is all $1\leq i \leq k$. Investigate the polyhedron and tropical geometries of the Qiyang definite planet where =(a, a+1,\dots,b)$ is a sequence of consecutive numbers. In this case, the non-negative tropical flag kind TrFl$_{\boldsymbol{r},n}^{\geq 0}$ becomes the non-negative flag Dredgian FlDr$_{\boldsymbol{r},n}^{\ Indicates equality. geq 0}$, and TrFl$_{\boldsymbol{r},n}^{\geq 0} =$ points in FlDr $\boldsymbol{\mu} = (\mu_a,\ldots, \mu_b)$ $_ {\boldsymbol{r},n}^{\geq 0}$ yields a coherent subdivision of flag positoid polytopes $P(\underline{\boldsymbol{\mu}})$ into flag positoid polytopes . Our results have application to Bullhat-spaced polytopes. For example, we show that a complete flagmatroid polytope is a Bullhat-spaced polytope only if the face in $(\leq 2)$ dimension is a Bullhat-spaced polytope. Our results also have applications to feasibility issues. Define the forward flag matroid as the sequence of forward matroids $(\chi_1,\dots,\chi_k)$ that are also forward flag matroids. Next, we prove that all forward flag matroids of rank $\boldsymbol{r}=(a,a+1,\dots,b)$ are feasible.

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