We introduce a tool that solves the Schr\”odinger-Euler-Poisson system of
equations and allows the study of the interaction between ultralight bosonic
dark matter, whose dynamics is described with the Schr\”odinger-Poisson system
and luminous matter which, as a first approximation, is modeled with a single
component compressible ideal fluid. The two matter fields are coupled through
the Poisson equation, whose source is the addition of both, dark matter and
fluid densities. We describe the numerical methods used to solve the system of
equations and present tests for each of the two components, that show the
accuracy and convergence properties of the code. As simple possible
applications we present some toy scenarios: i) the merger between a core of
dark matter with a cloud of gas, ii) the merger of bosonic dark matter plus
fluid configurations, and iii) the post merger properties, including the
dark-matter offset from gas and the correlation between oscillations of the
bosonic core and those of the gas.

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