We combine the ideas of a Weyl scaling invariant dark energy action, which
    eliminates black hole horizons, with the “gravastar” idea of a jump in the
    hole interior from a normal matter equation of state to an equation of state
    where pressure plus density approximately sum to zero. Using the
    Tolmon-Oppenheirmer-Volkoff equation, which requires continuous pressure, we
    present Mathematica notebooks in which the structure of the gravastar is
    entirely governed by the action and the equation of state, with the radii where
    structural changes occur emerging from the dynamics, rather than being
    specified in advance. The notebooks work even with zero cosmological constant,
    but when the cosmological constant is nonzero, there is a very small black hole
    “wind” that we calculate by a relativistic extension of standard pressure
    driven isothermal stellar wind theory.

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