Cosmological acceleration is difficult to accommodate in theories of
    fundamental interactions involving supergravity and superstrings. An
    alternative is that the acceleration is not universal but happens in a large
    localized region, which is possible in theories admitting regular black holes
    with de Sitter-like interiors. We point out that, given a global anti-de Sitter
    background, the formation of such ‘de Sitter bubbles’ will be enhanced by
    mechanisms analogous to the Bizon-Rostworowski instability in general
    relativity. This opens an arena for discussing the production of multiple
    accelerating universes from anti-de Sitter fluctuations. We demonstrate such
    collapse enhancement by explicit numerical work in the context of a simple
    two-dimensional dilaton-gravity model that mimics the spherically symmetric
    sector of higher-dimensional gravities.

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