We investigate the relaxation of holographic superfluids after quenches, when
    the end state is either tuned to be exactly at the critical point, or very
    close to it. By solving the bulk equations of motion numerically, we
    demonstrate that in the former case the system exhibits a power law falloff as
    well as an emergent discrete scale invariance. The later case is in the regime
    dominated by critical slowing down, and we show that there is an intermediate
    time-range before the onset of late time exponential falloff, where the system
    behaves similarly to the critical point with its power law falloff. We further
    postulate a phenomenological Gross-Pitaevskii-like equation that is able to
    make quantitative predictions for the behavior of the holographic superfluid
    after near-critical quenches. Intriguingly, all parameters of our
    phenomenological equation which describes the non-linear time evolution may be
    fixed with information from the static equilibrium solutions and linear
    response theory.

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