Motivated by recent studies of circuit complexity in weakly interacting
    scalar field theory, we explore the computation of circuit complexity in
    $\mathcal{Z}_2$ Even Effective Field Theories ($\mathcal{Z}_2$ EEFTs). We
    consider a massive free field theory with higher-order Wilsonian operators such
    as $\phi^{4}$, $\phi^{6}$ and $\phi^8.$ To facilitate our computation we
    regularize the theory by putting it on a lattice. First, we consider a simple
    case of two oscillators and later generalize the results to $N$ oscillators.
    The study has been carried out for nearly Gaussian states. In our computation,
    the reference state is an approximately Gaussian unentangled state, and the
    corresponding target state, calculated from our theory, is an approximately
    Gaussian entangled state. We compute the complexity using the geometric
    approach developed by Nielsen, parameterizing the path ordered unitary
    transformation and minimizing the geodesic in the space of unitaries. The
    contribution of higher-order operators, to the circuit complexity, in our
    theory has been discussed. We also explore the dependency of complexity with
    other parameters in our theory for various cases.

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