We study the relationship between many-body quantum chaos and energy dynamics
    in holographic quantum field theory states dual to the simply-spinning
    Myers-Perry-AdS$_5$ black hole. The enhanced symmetry of such black holes
    allows us to provide a thorough examination of the phenomenon of pole-skipping,
    that is significantly simpler than a previous analysis of quantum field theory
    states dual to the Kerr-AdS$_4$ solution. In particular we give a general proof
    of pole-skipping in the retarded energy density Green’s function of the dual
    quantum field theory whenever the spatial profile of energy fluctuations
    satisfies the shockwave equation governing the form of the OTOC. Furthermore,
    in the large black hole limit we are able to obtain a simple analytic
    expression for the OTOC for operator configurations on Hopf circles, and
    demonstrate that the associated Lyapunov exponent and butterfly velocity are
    robustly related to the locations of a family of pole-skipping points in the
    energy response. Finally, we note that in contrast to previous studies, our
    results are valid for any value of rotation and we are able to numerically
    demonstrate that the dispersion relations of sound modes in the energy response
    explicitly pass through our pole-skipping locations.

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