Future Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) experiments will deliver extremely
    accurate measurements of the E-modes pattern of the CMB polarization field.
    Given the sharpness of the E-modes transfer functions, such surveys make for a
    powerful detector of high-frequency signals from primordial features that may
    be lurking in current data sets. With a handful of toy models that increase the
    fit to the latest Planck data, but are of marginal statistical significance, we
    use a state-of-the-art forecast pipeline to illustrate the promising prospects
    to test primordial features in the next decade. Not only will future
    experiments allow us to detect such features in data, but they will also be
    able to discriminate between models and narrow down the physical mechanism
    originating them with high statistical significance. On the other hand, if the
    anomalies in the currently measured CMB spectra are just statistical
    fluctuations, all the current feature best fit candidates will be ruled out.
    Either way, our results show that primordial features are a clear target of
    forthcoming CMB surveys beyond the detection of tensor modes.

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