Compare two constructions of Legend’s positive braid closure precise Lagrangian padding, Casals-Zaslow’s Legend weave, and Ekholm-Honda-Carmuang’s degradable Lagrangian padding, demonstrating that they are part of the large Lagrangian family. Indicates a match. Stuffing. A corollary is the Hamiltonian isotope class of decomposable Lagrangian fillings of the legendary $(2,n) torus link described by Ekholm-Honda-K’alm\’an and constructed by Treumann and Zaslow Get an explicit correspondence between woven fillings. We apply this result to describe the orbital structure of the K\’alm\’an loop and provide a combined criterion for determining the orbital size of the filling. We continue the geometric discussion with a Flor-theoretical proof of the orbital structure, where the identity studied by Euler in the context of continued fractions makes a surprising appearance. We conclude by giving a purely combinatorial description of the K\’alm\’an loop actions for the fills described above in terms of triangulation edge flips.

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