We outline a new model in which generalised uncertainty relations are
    obtained without modified commutation relations. While existing models
    introduce modified phase space volumes for the canonical degrees of freedom, we
    introduce new degrees of freedom for the background geometry. The phase space
    is therefore enlarged but remains Euclidean. The spatial background is treated
    as a genuinely quantum object, with an associated state vector, and the model
    naturally gives rise to the extended generalised uncertainty principle (EGUP).
    Importantly, this approach solves (or rather, evades) well known problems
    associated with modified commutators, including violation of the equivalence
    principle, the `soccer ball’ problem for multiparticle states, and the velocity
    dependence of the minimum length. However, it implies two radical conclusions.
    The first is that space must be quantised on a different scale to matter and
    the second is that the fundamental quanta of geometry are fermions. We explain
    how, in the context of the model, these do not contradict established results
    including the no go theorems for multiple quantisation constants, which still
    hold for species of material particles, and the spin-$2$ nature of gravitons.

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