[Submitted on 5 Jan 2023]

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    Abstract: We obtain new exact solutions for the gravitational field equations in the
    context of $f(R,T)$ gravity, thereby obtaining different classes of black holes
    surrounded by fluids, taking into account some specific values of the parameter
    of the equations of state, $w$. In order to obtain these solutions in the
    context of $f(R,T)$ gravity, we consider viable particular choices of the
    $f(R,T)$. Considering an anisotropic energy-momentum tensor, we write the field
    equations with the required symmetries for this type of solution. Then, we
    analyze the conditions of energy in a general way and also for particular
    values of the parameter $w$ of the equation of state. In addition,
    thermodynamic quantities, such as Hawking temperature and mass associated to
    the horizons of solutions, are taken into account in our analysis.

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    From: Luis Cesar Nunes Dos Santos [view email]

    Thu, 5 Jan 2023 13:18:32 UTC (2,330 KB)

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