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    overview: Arbitrary optical potentials have proven to be valuable and versatile tools in many quantum information and quantum simulation experiments using cryogenic atoms. Using a phase-modulating spatial light modulator (SLM), we holographically generate arbitrary optical potentials with a measurement efficiency of 15% – 40% and a root-mean-square error accuracy of less than 2%. increase. The key to high accuracy is the modeling of pixel crosstalk in his SLM at the sub-pixel scale, especially in relation to large optical potentials. After measuring the intensity and wavefront with SLM, we use conjugate gradient minimization to calculate the SLM phase pattern for a given target optical potential. In addition, we use camera feedback to reduce experimental error, remove light vortices, and explore differences between angular spectrum methods and Fourier transforms to simulate light propagation. Using a combination of all these techniques, we have achieved a more accurate and efficient photopotential compared to previous studies and generated a series of potentials relevant to cold-atom experiments.

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