[Submitted on 2 Nov 2022]

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    Abstract: In general relativity, cosmology and quantum field theory, spacetime is
    assumed to be an orientable manifold endowed with a Lorentz metric that makes
    it spatially and temporally orientable. The question as to whether the laws of
    physics require these orientability assumptions is ultimately of observational
    or experimental nature, or the answer might come from a fundamental theory of
    physics. The possibility that spacetime is time non-orientable lacks
    investigation, and so should not be dismissed straightaway. In this paper, we
    argue that it is possible to locally access a putative time non-orientability
    of Minkowski empty spacetime by physical effects involving quantum vacuum
    electromagnetic fluctuations. We set ourselves to study the influence of time
    non-orientability on the stochastic motions of a charged particle subject to
    these electromagnetic fluctuations in Minkowski spacetime equipped with a time
    non-orientable topology and with its time orientable counterpart. To this end,
    we introduce and derive analytic expressions for a statistical time
    orientability indicator. Then we show that it is possible to pinpoint the time
    non-orientable topology through an inversion pattern displayed by the
    corresponding orientability indicator, which is absent when the underlying
    manifold is time orientable.

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    From: Marcelo J. Reboucas [view email]

    Wed, 2 Nov 2022 01:33:50 UTC (3,839 KB)

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