[Submitted on 26 Oct 2022]

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    Abstract: We study the spherical collapse of non-top-hat matter fluctuations in the
    presence of dark energy with arbitrary sound speed. The model is described by a
    system of partial differential equations solved using a pseudo-spectral method
    with collocation points. This method can reproduce the known analytical
    solutions in the linear regime with an accuracy better than $10^{-6}\%$ and
    better than $10^{-2}\%$ for the virialization threshold given by the usual
    spherical collapse model. We show the impact of nonlinear dark energy
    fluctuations on matter profiles, matter peculiar velocity and gravitational
    potential. We also show that phantom dark energy models with low sound speed
    can develop a pathological behaviour around matter halos, namely negative
    energy density. The dependence of the virialization threshold density for
    collapse on the dark energy sound speed is also computed, confirming and
    extending previous results in the limit for homogeneous and clustering dark

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    From: Ronaldo Carlotto Batista [view email]

    Wed, 26 Oct 2022 15:07:43 UTC (4,307 KB)

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