[Submitted on 11 Oct 2022]

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    Overview: Recent experiments have demonstrated deep sub-wavelength lattices using atoms with Raman-coupled $N$ internal states with a laser of wavelength $\lambda$. The resulting unit cell was $\lambda/2N$ in extent, a $N$ reduction compared to the usual $\lambda/2$ periodicity of the optical lattice. For resonant Raman coupling, this lattice consists of $N$ independent sinusoidal potentials (period $\lambda/2$) displaced from each other by $\lambda/2N$. We show that detuning from the Raman resonance induces tunneling between these potentials. Periodically modulating the detuning couples the $s and $p bands of the potential, creating a pair of coupled subwavelength Rice-Mellet chains. This works as a novel topological charge pump that, counter-intuitively, can independently give half the capacity for each pump cycle of the individual Rhys-Melle chain. We analytically describe this behavior in terms of an infinite-system Chern number and numerically identify the associated finite-system edge states.

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    Tue, Oct 11, 2022 15:05:14 UTC (2,749 KB)

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