[Submitted on 9 Sep 2022]

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    Overview: In this study, we consider a model of quantum droplets in the presence of defects in the form of laser beams moving through each condensate, including Lee-Huang-Yang corrections. Our analysis separately features investigations of existence, stability, branching and dynamics in 1D, 2D and 3D settings. In the absence of an analytical solution to the problem, we provide an analysis of the speed of sound and observe how states moving with the defect characterize the saddle-center bifurcation when the defect velocity or intensity is changed. Associated bifurcation diagrams are systematically constructed to monitor the dynamics past the presence of stable states as well as unstable states. The relationships between the resulting states and the dark solitonic patterns in 1D, vortex states in 2D and vortex rings in 3D are elucidated accordingly.

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    From: Ricardo Carretero [view email]


    Friday, September 9, 2022 20:45:03 UTC (2,310 KB)

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