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    overview: $M_n := \mathbb{CP}^2 \# n\overline{\mathbb{CP}^2}$ for $0 \leq n \leq 8$ is the smooth manifold underlying $9-n$ del Pezzo water surface. We prove three results for the mapping class group $\text{Mod}(M_n) := \pi_0(\text{Homeo}^+(M_n))$.

    1. Classification and structure theorems for all convolutions of $\text{Mod}(M_n)$,

    2. A positive solution to the smooth Nielsen realization problem for the involution of $M_n$, and

    3. A purely topological characterization of three distinct types of involutions on a particular $M_n$ derived from birational geometry: de Jonquiéres involutions, Geiser involutions, and Bertini involutions.

    One of the main elements is the theory of hyperbolic reflection groups.

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